Apple Of My Eye, Alba & Pressed For Time

The Phytology project is having one final send off and would love to see you there.

Please join us in the Phytology amphitheatre for a open fire and some exceptional live music care of the Nest Collective.

9th September - 7:30pm till 10:30pm
Apple Of My Eye write and sing brand new old songs. The stories they sing of are full of love and loss, curses and damnations, adventure and ruin. What binds these tales together are the rich and original vocal harmonies, both a capella and over the intricate melody lines of the bazouki, mandolin and violin supported by the texture of the guitar, harmonica and double bass. Alba sings, plays percussion, guitar, sings and dances. All the arts seem to scintillates in front her eyes. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil and her greatest school was the Street, a “Rua” since the first parades at Mangue, a village in Sao Paulo, where musicians from all parts of Brazil used to meet and share melodies, rhythms, traditions. Tickets - £6.00

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