Bat Workshop pt.2 - How To Construct A Bat Habitat

Phytology is launching a new bat sanctuary project – extending the natural resources of the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve to accommodate an urban bat population. The development of the bat sanctuary is the natural next step in our ongoing biodiversity improvement programme. Over the spring and summer months our resident ecologist Olly Edmonds is hosting a series of public events exploring the world of bats in the city. These workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Workshop 2 - How To Construct A Bat Habitat Help construct and install bat boxes within the reserve with Construction Youth and artist DJ Simpson, enhancing the habitat for bats within the reserve and the surrounding local area. Bat boxes are important features for bats particularly in urban environments. DJ will be discussing the role of the contemporary artist within the urban landscape and his approach to working with the bat box as sculpture. All materials and equipment will be provided and visitors will leave with the knowledge, skills and instructions on how to go about enhancing bat roosting habitat in their own gardens and local green spaces. Please join us from 1-2pm for a shared Phytology lunch. Booking essential – reserve your place here.

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