Bat Workshop pt.3 - Bat detecting along the canal (the basics in echolocation)

Join us for an evening of bat detecting along a walk from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve taking in Mile End Park and the Regents Canal. The walk will take us through a variety of different habitats which bats like to use for feeding and commuting and we may encounter a number of different species. We will listen to the distinct echolocation calls made by bats with detectors which will be provided.

8:30pm till 11pm

Meeting point - Mile End Tube exit (8:30pm)

Bring warm waterproof clothes as it may get chilly once the sun goes down. A meal cooked on the campfire will help us to warm up once we arrive in Bethnal Green... and if the skies are clear there will be the opportunity to try your hand at moon light printing. Booking essential – reserve your place here.

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