Billboard by Gail Burton

Our latest billboard titled 'Touch Wood' is by resident artist Gail Burton. LOOK UP AND TURN FACE TO SUN AND BALANCE ON ONE FOOT STAY Gail is manoeuvring with the trees, plants and soil in the Nature Reserve, touching and not-touching, on one foot and two. Finding points of contact, fragility, entry and repulsion in a series of experimental movements, repetitions and devised encounters, sometimes simple, sometimes intricate and absurd. These solitary performances become writing, slowly. The billboard is the first extract from the book of manoeuvres. This large billboard hoarding hosts an evolving and eclectic series of artworks, questions, and ideas across the year. The billboard is intentionally incongruous within the overgrown site, aiming to challenge ideas of use, value and the function of places such as this within the urban ecosystem.

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