Circle of Listening

You are invited to 'Circle of Listening', a meditative gathering where we will sit and walk silently together, listening to what the nature reserve has to say. The session will be made up of short experimental listening activities, including reflections and discussions on what we hear and experience. Together we will make a record of what we have heard, a snapshot of time to be included in the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve's ongoing ecology survey. The 'Listening Circle' will be led by artist Hayley Harrison, whose practice explores possibilities of deeper connection to each other and the non-human world.
Location: Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton St, London E2 9RR
Time: 4
pm – 6pm Saturday, 23rd October
Free, but places are limited x12 people.
There will be an option to sit or lie on the ground - you may wish to bring a blanket or mat to sit on (there will also be stools available). Walking will be at a gentle pace within the Nature Reserve. If you have any accessibility requirements, please get in touch. There are 12 free spaces available, so please email if you would like to join.

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