DIY Biochar & Bacterial Cultures for Soil Workshop

Biochar originates from an indigenous Amazonian technique to give nutrition and health to the soil. Scientifically the term biochar is meant to describe the process of using charcoal as a soil improver, but with a holistic approach there is much we can learn when it comes to using biochar, but also working with the soil. In this workshop we be demonstrating how to make biochar in a normal campfire setting, where wood will be burnt and then covered up with soil so as to stop it from ashing. The workshop will include some simple DIY methods of growing bacterial cultures to encourage nutritional content to help house and garden plant thrive.
More general info on our workshop facilitator, Kernow Black, can be found here:
* The set up process will take 45 minutes including a discuss around processes. We will then meet back at the site at 3pm to see how the Biochar has formed.
Our weekly Ecology workshops are a fun way to connect with the local landscape and your non-human neighbours. We have x6 free places each workshop, so get I contact if you would like to book a place -

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