Dwelling in Phytology – A Movement Based Exploration

Dwelling is part of a research project exploring and designing tools to expand sensory and movement awareness. Luc and Mira will lead the session through exercises of perception and performance; by awakening our senses, we aim at developing little choreographies in order to communicate our experiences to each other. Can this unfold into dancing together in the end? – whatever dance may mean: a score, a walk, a story we tell or simply a new way of imagining us being in the garden. Can our physical and playful encounter with the space teach us something about our relation to it, our navigation in it and our potential to dwell in it?

This workshop is held as a safe space and judgement-free experiment. Everybody is welcome and no previous experience or physical training is required. If you have any access needs, please let us know how we can accommodate your venue by emailing: luc.sanciaume@gmail.com and miraj.hirtz@web.de.

Luc and Mira have been working together for a few months to connect their interests and engagements in somatics, architecture, dance and urbanism.

Please wear loose fitting clothes and shoes you can move in.

No previous dance experience necessary | OPEN to ALL | FREE - Book here...


Mira Hirtz is a dance artist, art theorist and art mediator interested in how our bodies generate knowledge. Somatic practice and dance as well as theoretical reflection are her means to investigate our interconnectedness of being in the world. She currently studies the MFA Creative Practice at Trinity and Laban Conservatoire and Independent Dance, after having graduated from art theory studies in Germany.

Luc Sanciaume is training as an architect on the Ma in Architecture at Central St Martins. He has been collaborating with Phytology as part of his placement for the last few months. His interest focuses on understanding the values produced by wild spaces in the urban environment, the practice of land stewardship through processes of commoning and the application of somatics as a pedagogical framework for architectural and urban design.

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