EARTHSHAPES #5 - Digesting Summer

Join Becky Lyon / ELASTIC FICTION for the fifth in a series of 8 art-practice-led gatherings following seasonal rhythms.

About this event

Join Becky Lyon / ELASTIC FICTION for the fifth in a series of 8 art-practice-led gatherings following and drawing attention to seasonal rhythms, patterns of place and earth-centric chronology. 6pm - 8:30pm, 12th July 2022 Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Tickets -

About this event

Our fifth EARTHSHAPES gathering will take take a slightly different shape! In celebration of the full flourishing of summer we take a m o m e n t. to. breeeatthhhe together. Amidst the chaos, creativity and compaction of a full schedule (why is everything happening so intensely at once?!) we will gather to simply be. We will decompress and (literally) digest… This gathering will take the form of a bring’n’share vegetarian summer supper and revel in the simple joy of breaking bread in the company of like-spirits and a full summer sun. Bring something to eat, drink, speak, read, sing or just yourself. We will be joined by our EARTHSHAPES artist-hosts around the fire once again in Phytology - a unique urban woodland wonderland and cultural institute based at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in Tower Hamlets, East London.

Useful info:

  • This event will take place outdoors so come dressed for the weather!
  • If you can please bring a cup (and let us know if you have any allergens or dietary requirements).
  • There are toilets on site - it might be the coolest toilet ever :)
  • The site is step-free but the ground is woodland so may not be suitable for wheelchair users - please contact me if you have any queries.
  • Numbers are strictly limited for an intimate (and Covid-safe!) experience. Over 18s only please.
  • I'm afraid no dogs are allowed on site
  • Please feel free to email me in confidence with anything you think I should know


Many of us are out of rhythm. Our time has become capped and contorted around the 9-5 (if we’re lucky), our year punctuated by the commercial calendar, our patterns of pause out of sync with the stillness of darker days. We are off-beat with our ecology. The woods is a space to interrupt those oppressive rhythms. On crossing the threshold you enter Woodland Time. You cannot rush the pace of growth, you cannot will the raspberries to grow in Winter, you cannot threaten the bulbs to bloom before spring. Entering the woods is an invitation to slow the haste and embrace the character of that moment. Side-stepping the Gregorian, financial and academic diaries I invite you to join a series of gatherings providing punctuation marks dictated by significant time-turning points of the British Isles. These will be inspired by the ancient Celtic and Pagan wheels, lunar calendar and cross-cultural seasonal marks. Each session guest artists will present offerings from their art-research practices that highlight and draw focused attention to that moment. Together we may move, ingest, tell stories, collectively write, sound out, conduct rituals, weave together, meditation, make....

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