Ecology Internship - Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Tower Hamlets

We are recruiting an Ecology Intern aged 18 – 25 years old from underrepresent groups within the conservation sector i.e. BIPOC, ethnic minorities, people from working class backgrounds & LGBTQ+ communities. The internship is a paid role offering first-hand work experience in urban wetland development and ecosystem management. Interns will receive training from professional Ecologists working at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, East London. The role will involve * The translocating amphibians and plants from the existing ponds * Supporting the removal of the historic pond structures * Assist with excavating and shaping the new wetland area * Helping instal the new pond, pond edging and aquatic plants species * Help document the process and create accessible social media updates Experience gained * First-hand knowledge of working in the conservation sector * Develop an understanding of wetland development and care, specifically in an urban environment * Experience working in a team environment with a diverse group of people * Experience making video & photographic content celebrating the value of urban ecology Wage: £12.50 per hour, x8 hour day (self-employed) Location: Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Tower Hamlets Commitment: x1 day per week, over a 10-week period Times: 10am – 6pm Internship period: 20th August – 29th October 2021

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