Experimental Ecology Survey Workshop; ‘A morning with Terry Lyle & Izzy Johnson: Stories and Flora of the BGNR from 1970's to now'

As part of an ongoing experimental ecology survey at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, this workshop will be centered around sharing stories about the history of the Reserve as we explore the site and its flora, tasting, smelling and touching as we go.

Friday 22nd, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

x4 (free) tickets available by emailing info@nomad.org.uk Joined by Terry Lyle (Co-founder of the BGNR) and Izzy Johnston (@rightsforweeds), we will unearth the historic ‘roots' of the Nature Reserve and its past and current flora. We will delve our hands into its soil to better understand how it came to be the thriving ecosystem it is today. We will also discuss how we can collectively work towards caring for its future. Tea and snacks will be provided.
Supported by the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust + National Lottery Community Fund.

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