Experimental Ecology Survey Workshop; 'What’s your herb culture'?

Mixing our medicine ways and sharing our plant love.

As part of the experimental Ecology Survey at the Bethnal Green Natural Reserve, we are gathering with community herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad to craft seasonal remedies that reflect our personal sharing's and mutual needs. 4pm - 7pm Sunday, 10th July 2022 Tickets (free) - www.eventbrite.com By understanding ourselves as part of a living ecosystem continually being shaped by and shaping us, we will rethink the medicinal plants of the Reserve not as a product to consume, but as a gift to receive through acts of reciprocity and generosity. We will walk and exchange experiences, appreciatively meet and gather herbs, and prepare medicines from the land for summer health. Through the session we will press plants growing in the reserve to make a physical body of knowledge, memory and living connection with our wild family that will go towards the collections of the Ecology Survey. We will finish with a communal feast of food and drinks and a moment of meditative joy in the woodland.



Throughout 2022 Ailo Ribas & Chiara Famengo are working with the human and more-than-human community of Nature Reserve to design an experimental botany survey. This survey aims to highlight the value of often-overlooked urban plants (‘weeds’) by emphasising not only the important work we do to care for the reserve, but also the ways in which the reserve takes care of us (emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically).

Over the coming months the botany team have organised a series of walks which aim to build a living archive of botanical knowledge that will be accessible to current and future friends of the reserve both online and onsite. Besides sharing stories, remedies & recipes, during these walks we will observe & learn from the plants themselves, as well as collectively explore what a community-organised ecology survey looks like.

Supported by the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust + National Lottery Community Fund.

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