George Chakravarthi - AUM Billboard

George Chakravarthi is an artist in residence at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve during 2021-2022 and part of the, We Speak In Tongues About The Things We Love project curated by Adelaide Bannerman. Chakravarthi’s new series AUM visually interprets this sacred sound recognised as the first sound and vibration of the Universe in Hinduism. He meaningfully explores this connection through self-portraiture, and topographic studies of the land, trees and flora found at the Reserve, to render photographic compositions that illustrate a co-existence between the body and the natural world. Numerology, particularly the number 3 and sacred geometry are Vedic belief systems that inform and structure the aesthetics and experience of the works themselves. Chakravarthi will be the feature artist on the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve billboard throughout Autumn. AUM is a visual experience that can be visited in-person and online between September and October 2022: commencing with a new billboard poster and online text featuring a conversation between George Chakravarthi and curator Adelaide Bannerman. The edited conversation will fully discuss the impetus, research and development of this trajectory in Chakravarthi’s work, which spans live-art, photography, video, painting and drawing. During October a collector’s limited boxed-edition AUM will be available for sale, and a postcard edition featuring selected images from the series, made available for free. For more information visit This project is supported by Arts Council England & the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust.

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