Healing Herbalism - Mushroom Medicine Making Workshop

Create Conscious Community presents Healing Herbalism: Mushroom Magic Healing herbalism is a series of workshops that teach people how to collaborate with the earth's treasures and make healing medicines with them. Curated by the community, we will learn, make and share what we create. We’re teaming up with 3 excellent teachers to lead interactive workshops making medicines to boost your immunity and care for your skin. We will learn about making sustainably sourced medicines from plants and fungi whilst learning about their effect on the body. Using foraged mushrooms and organically grown herbs from the Mobile Apothecary edible forest sanctuary and Rights For Weeds founder Isabella Johnston. Guests will take home a polypore birch mushroom and elderberry syrup, a fire cider immunity booster and a Chaga mushroom exfoliating skin cream to help you and your community this winter season. Tickets - www.tickettailor.com Meet the Facilitators Llyod Gale from Kiyoga Bluu Lloyd is the founder of KiyogaBluu. A company that helps people return closer to their true nature. He is an explorer, poet, writer, cultivator and Reiki practitioner - assisting people in setting a path toward healing, pleasure and peace. Isabella Johnston from Rights for weeds Izzy is the foraging teacher behind Rights For Weeds, a project that advocates for the city's forgotten ecosystems. Her workshops explore the connection between people and their most immediate floral and fungal neighbours, mostly through experiencing wild food and the joy of seeking it. Michael Smythe from Mobile Apothecary Michael Smythe is an artist, urban farmer and creative director of Nomad Projects, an independent art foundation that develops experimental projects across digital and location-specific spaces. Nomad Projects critically engages with issues surrounding environmental and social equality within the urban landscape. Current projects include Phytology, an urban physic garden and research institute in Bethnal Green (East London), Urban Mind a global research project investigating the relationship between the landscape and mental health and Mobile Apothecary, a herbal medicine dispensary providing free healthcare to individuals and communities with limited access to accommodation and quality health care. Create Conscious Community - Renegade Urban Growers As part of our Mindful Permaculture theme, we’ve started the Renegade Urban Growers project which we’ve co-created with members of the community to provide online and physical resources that empower people to grow their own organic medicinal herbs and food sustainably and ethically, whilst equipping them with knowledge about the historical, cultural, spiritual and medicinal aspects of plants. We’re teaming up with teachers, facilitators and organisations to bring this information and access to amazing spaces to grow, to you. Brought to you by Cherece Lucina and Cordi Laurent.


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