Healing Justice LDN - Fire Ceremony

Join Healing Justice LDN for a Fire Ceremony 6pm - 8pm, 30th March 2022 Bethnal Green Nature Reserve This event kicks off our monthly healing and grief space, intended to hold and support multiple forms of loss and mourning. The first session will be held in-person at Phytology where we will gather in solidarity for a fire ceremony, in connection with nature and the land. Find more information here. Acknowledging that the pandemic has created unprecedented loss and bereavement due to structural violence, in the change, intensity and heartbreak of these times, many of us are feeling the sorrow of uprooting and loss. This also honours the launch of the The GEN Grief Toolkit, by Camille Barton in collaboration with @global_environments, which shares important resources on grief work, rituals and tools. This will be a gentle space using regulating and embodiment techniques and tools to support us. We are invited to be in community and solidarity with one another and hold space together. This session will involve some breath and body-based work to ease the trauma of grief, supported by the belief that “grief dares us to love once more” (Francis Weller). All exercises will be optional and scaffolded so that people can engage in ways that feel comfortable, honouring each individual’s range.

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