Herbal Skincare and Tea-Making Workshop

Gain hands on experience making your own healthy, inexpensive, and effective herbal body balm, using fresh herbs from the Phytology medicine garden. The workshop is taught by qualified medical herbalist and podiatrist Molly Maitland who is experienced in the clinical use of plants for medical conditions. We will explore the properties of different carrier oils, learn the different techniques of infusing herbs into oils, and make a body balm. You will create a bespoke body balm to take away with you on the day. This workshop will teach you how to do this easily and safely at home. Learn how to: - Identify common herbs and how to harvest them to make a fresh tea - Begin to learn the traditional and modern uses of common herbs - Make your own natural body balm made from herbs onsite This workshop is in partnership with Hackney Arts: Book tickets here!

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