Herbal Uprising Part 2: Herbal Allies for Speaking into Truth

Join us for Herbal Uprising Part 2 (women and trans femme people only).

About this event

In collaboration with Herbal Blessing Clinic’s Rabiah Mali & Healing Justice LDN, ‘Herbal Uprising’ is a series of 3 sessions that will explore the potential of plant medicine to deepen our connection to land and nurture a sense of belonging. Participants are invited to Phytology Community Apothecary in Bethnal Green to explore the liberating potential of herbalism and plant medicine. Plant medicine can allow us to return to seeing the land as a place of medicine, healing and connection. It is a restorative practice and is a holistic act of liberation where we respond to the needs of healing, rest, forgiveness, deep listening, expression, grief and being the healers that our communities need in a post pandemic world. This is the second session of the series, and will explore herbs and practices that support deep listening and will enable us to open ourselves up to speak from a place of truth, for example through the balancing of the thyroid and throat. We will be collectively making herbal tea or oil and then will practice some group chanting to open the healing of our voices. This session is free to attend and for women and trans femme people only, all women are welcome however the session will be prioritising and centring the experiences of women of colour and Muslim women. Registration is essential. Materials will be provided unless specific information is given. Refreshments will be provided. Bookings – www.eventbrite.com Herbal Uprising is part of We Speak In Tongues About The Thing(s) We Love project curated by Adelaide Bannerman. Supported by Arts Council England & the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust.


We will make people aware of risks and safe conduct required, also participants will need to ensure they conduct themselves safely. Due to venue and safety requirements, unfortunately we cannot accommodate children at the in-person session. Please confirm you are over 18 in order to attend. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear; and be mindful/appropriately prepared for insect bites/stings/plants, should you have allergic responses. Hair to be tied back and loose clothing tucked away safely.


The session will be held in-person at Phytology. Attendees should note that woodchip surface may be difficult for a self-aided wheelchair, but is fine with aided or electric wheelchair. Ramp available. Toilets are accessible with use of ramp.

About the Location

Phytology is a cultural institute based at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in Tower Hamlets, East London. The Nature Reserve has a delicate and complex ecosystem of plants, bats, birds, trees, soil, fungi, amphibians, insects, invertebrates and mammals (including people). The Phytology medicine garden has been sown with over thirty-two varieties of plants common to the streets of London and urban ecosystems across the country.

About the Facilitator

Rabiah Mali is a qualified Medical Herbalist, Creative and Community Healer. She set up The Herbal Blessing clinic in 2015, a sliding scale community clinic with the intention of 'reconnecting' the community with their inner herbalist. Offering consultations, workshops, retreats and walks and holistic therapy that is rooted in traditional and spiritual plant-based healing. Her work involves the use of nature and local plant-based knowledge to nourish a feeling of home in communities where poverty, poor health access and gentrification has fractured the sense of belonging. Rabiah is the co-founder of the Green Deen Tribe, which she founded as a response to the need to heal the wounds of separation and lack of access to nature by Muslim Women, which is all too often rooted in colonisation, racism, other socioeconomic factors and radicalised Islamophobia.

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