Insect Survey Workshop - Recording data, keeping a field notebook, & using identification guides and keys

Our local insect expert, Gino Brignoli, will be hosting a series of insect (invertebrate) workshops across summer. The workshops will celebrate local invertebrate fauna by providing first-hand knowledge on how to use non-lethal, non-destructive methods to survey insect populations living within the Nature Reserve. The second workshop will look at how to recording data, keep a field notebook, & use identification guides and keys

1pm - 4pm, Saturday 25th June – Recording data, keep a field notebook, & use identification guides and keys

Please email if you would like to reserve a place. Across 2022 we are embarking on an experimental ecology survey, attempting to capture a snapshot of the many lifeforms that visit or live within the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. Rather than simply record the biodiversity of the site during a slice of time, the aim is to observe, connect and record the relationships between plants, insects, mammal life that makes up the community of the Bethnal Green Nature. We hope this project inspires slower and closers connections with this remarkable urban Nature Reserve, generating many new ways of understanding and caring for the land.

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