Leaf Hearing Blue, Moss Tickling a Soil by Becky Lyon

Join Becky Lyon + ELASTIC FICTION for three experimental workshops inviting you to re-sensitise, re-tune and imagine-with the ecology found within the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. This forms part of the 'Places to Intervene in a System' exhibition taking place at multiple locations across Bethnal Green - 20th - 22nd August 2021.

2pm - 3.30pm, Saturday 21st Aug

More-Than-Human Dialogues: Gathering, Line-Wandering, Assembling

Join Becky Lyons will lead a walk through the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, sensing, gathering, assembling and line-wandering. The workshop will gently experiment with dialogues between ourselves, our material and more-than-human.

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11am - 2pm, Sunday 22nd Aug

A Creaturely Morning (Re)Sensitisation

Start the day with a gentle session to re-awaken our creaturely being and reanimate the body as we practice phyto-morphing our static moments, play with being-beings and heighten our tuning for the day.

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2pm - 3.30pm, Sunday 22nd Aug

A Sensory Tuning Walk

Let’s take a walk as we explore how our bodies are tuned for relationship and shaped to the land. We’ll detect scented signals, listen like a leaf, greet trees in our own words, explore gestures of gratitude and register atomic connections.

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All curious kinfolk are warmly welcome , no prior experience is required and playful experimentation is encouraged :) Numbers are strictly limited for an intimate (and Covid-safe!) experience. This experience is crafted for an adult audience (over 18s only please).

These events form part of Becky’s project Leaf Hearing Blue, Moss Tickling a Soil.

We inhabit a world where mushrooms ‘sense’ predators, trees have heartbeats and mallow weeds ‘remember’ the location of sunrise. How might the sensing abilities of other beings inspire us to exercise our own sense-able being? Re/discover new ways to meet the more-than-human? Imagine how multispecies make worlds?

Leaf Hearing Blue, Moss Tickling A Soil is a research project inviting us to experiment with practices. Practices of affinity - that exercise more intimate, affectionate interrelations; practices of creatureliness - that invite us to tickle at the edges of other ways of being and embody our own ecological being; and practices of imagination - where the senses and imagination illuminate and re-enchant the unknown.

This event forms part of Places to Intervene in a System: an experimental art-research exhibition exploring possible places to ‘intervene’ and renew our relationships with nature through a dynamic programme of participatory events.

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