Living Monoliths & Seed Bomb Talk

Maria Roy Deulofeu & Sean Ross are two sustainable designers from the United Matters design collective currently working within the Nature Reserve. Over the past two months they have been experimenting on a project called 'Living Monoliths’, making large-scale seed bomb structures from soil, straw and seed. Talk time; 4pm - 5pm Maria and Sean's research looks to address the issue of environmental fragmentation in cities. This is a problem where the increase of urban areas, transport infrastructure and spots of low biodiversity create uncrossable barriers for some pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. This research is part of our woodland enhancement work, aiming to increase botanical diversity in areas previously dominated by alexanders and ivy. Our weekly Ecology workshops are a fun way to connect with the local landscape and your non-human neighbours. We have x6 free places each workshop, so get I contact if you would like to book a place -

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