'Looking Back' billboard by Eduardo Padilha

Eduardo Padilha is an artist in residence at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve throughout 2022, part of the ‘We Speak In Tongues About The Thing(s) We Love’ project curated by Adelaide Bannerman.

'Looking Back' Billboard Poster

Looking Back is a photographic portrait, taken by Sol Aizcorbe, features the artist secluded and camouflaged in clothing bearing the marks of foliage and detritus collected from the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. Padilha describes the mood of the work as “a wish to belong and to merge into the site”. This work will be followed by Red Echo, and Purple Echo which offer vivid and muted interpretations of the eco-printing process with different chemical formulations, capturing the ‘ghost and shadows’ of plant material. The billboard will be exhibited between 9th April - 13th June 2022.

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