Mobile Apothecary #7

Mobile Apothecary winter time medicine making returns for a stock-building session mid-February at the Keddlestone Walk Community Centre in Bethnal Green, a short walk from the Phytology's medicine garden.

Join us to practice your balm-making and cough glycerite preparing skills as we replenish our stock, sharing knowledge on herbal first aid and local plants. We will also be crafting a new preparation for distribution, a cleansing wash/deodorant with natural ingredients. All that we make at this workshop will be given out at monthly Mobile Apothecary distribution sessions at Bethnal Green tube alongside Refugee Community Kitchen with the aim of supporting the health and wellbeing of folks living on the streets in difficult conditions and the health issues that come with this. We are developing the project to be responsive to these issues as we make regular connections with folks over the Mobile table. Your fee for the workshop covers the materials for the medicines and your hands contribute to our community-delivered herbal support. Tickets - full price / subsidised price We aim to be accessible to all. If you or someone you know are unable to offer the fee for the workshop but want to take part get in touch with us as our sliding scale is set up to enable some subsidised spaces. Contact

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