Mobile Apothecary Workshop #6

2019 has seen us developing the Bethnal Green Mobile Apothecary, a productive collaboration between Phytology medicine garden, Herbalists Without Borders London and St Margaret's House, seeking to support underserved communities in the locality with good-quality, homegrown and communally-made herbal remedies. These are distributed on the street by Bethnal Green tube alongside Refugee Community Kitchen on a monthly basis. We return this November with our next medicine making session. As winter moves in, we will be holding these sessions indoors, focusing on building our stocks of medicine in response to seasonal shifts and healthcare needs of street communities and people that we connect with over the Mobile Apothecary table. Book here! Join us this month to make stocks of balsam-rich herbal chest rubs for winter respiratory ailments and a fresh herbal cough medicine. We will guide you through the method for making the remedies and your financial contribution will go towards covering other ingredients that we need to purchase (oils, waxes, essential oils) while your handiwork will be part of a collective effort to offer care and tangible herbal treatment to folks with less access to regular primary healthcare. Pay-it-forward community herbalism! We always offer a couple of free places that are subsidised by those who pay for the workshop, for anyone with lack of funds who might want to join - just get in touch with us about this -

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