ROOT HARVEST - Solidarity Medicine Making

Join Community Herbalists Rasheeqa Ahmad (Hedge Herbs, Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) London) & Shumaisa Khan (HWB-Sussex, Phytology), for a community root harvest at the Phytology medicine garden, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. The root stock will be made into medicine for refugees currently living in camps across France. Rasheeqa will also guide participants in making a simple cough syrup for personal use over the winter months. There will be a shared lunch and collective sharing about winter remedies from our different cultural traditions. Phytology 10am - 11:30am Root harvesting @ Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton St E2 9RR The Create Place 11:30am - 1pm Medicine-making & shared lunch @ The Create Space 29 Old Ford Rd E2 9PL Coin donation to participate in medicine-making/lunch. Book here: (No booking required to help harvest roots ~ 10am)

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