'Speaking to the City' - The Alternative School of Economics billboard launch

Join The Alternative School of Economics (Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck) for the launch of their new billboard commission titled 'Speaking to the City'. Make and share dampers with local honey, hear about their practice and discuss the social historical meaning of the word bread as livelihood and the phrase 'bread and honey' as money in cockney rhyming slang. 'Speaking to the City' responds to the position of the Phytology billboard, facing out towards the City of London. Taking on the radical East End tradition of resistance, the Alternative School of Economics present a series of statements that challenge the City and its logic of prosperity through financial growth. The statements morph and change over a period of two months, as each word becomes the next, a narrative of collective action is told. Free - all welcome! 1pm till 2:30pm, Saturday 1st Sept Photo credit: Hydar Dewachi

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