The London Moth Project: Live event and ID session

Join Katherine Pogson as she surveys and documents month populations living in the heart of Bethnal Green!
Meet some of the surprising hidden creatures that live in the local area, learn their names, habits, origin stories... discovering the Hawks, Tigers, and even Elephants that inhabit our urban oases'.

The study of moths and butterflies goes back centuries, giving us very important data about how human activity may be benefiting some species, and challenging others.

Katherine will activate your inner ‘citizen scientist’ and look at how collecting environmental data can influence our relationships with ‘nature’, and rethink what ‘creativity’ might address for future generations.

This event is part of 'Places to Intervene in a System', an art-research exhibition taking place at Lumen gallery Bethnal Green 19 - 22 August 2021.

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Katherine researches the lives of London’s overlooked populations of moths and butterflies to uncover stories of migration, nourishment and co-dependence.

Her research as a multispecies ethnographer unravels the complicated relationship between humans and moths to invert ideas of nuisance and image, and rethink human ethics in the light of the ecological emergency.

It is not all bad news - some of these beautiful creatures are thriving in pockets of our cities, and we will look at some of their tales of survival.

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