The Non-existent Gardener - Artist Talk with Adelaide Bannerman & Eduardo Padilha

Eduardo Padilha & Adelaide Bannerman will be discussing 'The Non-existent Gardener', the current site wide installation by Eduardo Padilha. The Non-existent Gardener, – an alter ego inspired by the character Agilulf a medieval knight in Italo Calvino’s novel, The Non-existent Knight (1959). The book is an exploration of identity, migration, integration and manners, as observed through Agilulf whose physical presence is represented as an empty suit of amor.

6pm – 8pm Wednesday, 6th July 2022

Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

Eduardo is an artist in residence at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve throughout 2022, part of the ‘We Speak In Tongues About The Thing(s) We Love’ project curated by Adelaide Bannerman. Tickets (free) here - Installation photo’s by Sol Aizcorbe. This project has been generously supported by Arts Council England & the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust.

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