VOICED - David Nash

In the summer of 2015, artists Lucía Montero and Duncan Robertson commissioned six writers to develop original text inspired by this wild piece of land called the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. The Voiced project took the form of a traditional artist residency, providing a space for writers to explore the cultural heritage of this part of East London through song and spoken text. David Nash will be the featured artist throughout the month of May.


What the People Want (The Dandelion Envies Fireworks) - 00:57 min

Impressions (The Plum Tree Shelters a Prostitute) - 02:28 min

The Last Few Seconds of Normal Time (The Yarrow Watches A Football match) - 01:05 min

A Toast (The Juniper Tree Drinks to Bethnal Green Nature Reserve) - 02:54

The Infinitive (The Soil Gives Its Word To Us) - 01:12

Nash was born in County Cork - Ireland, and currently lives and works in London. His poems have been published in various magazines and anthologies, and he is currently working on his first collection.

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