Farzana Khan

We are honoured to announce Farzana Khan will be Artist in residence throughout 2022, part of the ‘We Speak In Tongues About The Thing(s) We Love’ curated by Adelaide Bannerman. Farzana (she/her) is an Artist/Writer and the Executive Director, co-founder of Healing Justice London. Her practice is holistically based on building community health, repair and self-transformation, and specifically directed towards working with communities of colour, marginalised and underrepresented groups. Farzana will be in residence from May 2022 where she’ll be thinking about loss and bereavement through a land-based and spatial justice approach and how herbalism plays a role in liberatory action and thought. With Healing Justice London, a series of workshops and interventions are being developed to take place at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve between May and September. Keep an eye out for announcements across the summer. Image: portrait of Farzana Khan. Related links: www.healingjusticeldn.org www.voicesthatshake.org ‘We speak in tongues about the thing(s) we love' is kindly supported by Arts Council England & the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust.

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