Caretakers Project

Photo by Judith Ejike

Stories, guides and offerings for London’s green & blue spaces.

The Caretakers Project was set up to capture and archive valuable local knowledge on community-led land stewardship. The project aims to create a helpful resource that could inspire and up-skill others working or volunteering in similar roles.

Through a series of knowledge exchange sessions the project explored various themes centered around urban land-care. Some guide examples include;

How to become a caretaker
sharing challenges and opportunities when stepping forwards to help care for urban green spaces.

How to care for caretakers
a guide on how to support one another when stewarding the land, including strategies for self-and collective care.

A guide on non-intervention vs. intervention land work
focusing on the delicate balance between allowing natural processes to unfold and when intervention might be necessary for the health and sustainability of the ecosystem.

A user’s guide for icky jobs
a light-hearted but practical guide addressing the less glamorous but essential tasks involved in land stewardship.

Over the next few months we will be publishing more of these experimental guides on our website. Please have a read, try them out and give us feedback on their usefulness.

We are also seeking submissions from other caretakers of London’s green and blue spaces. You can access our online submission form and our tips page using these links:

Online submission form

The Caretakers Project is a collaboration between the London National Park City and Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

A guide to: watering and letting things flow
A guide to: being invited in
A guide to the Oak & the Jay — a symbiosis

Much gratitude and thanks to all the volunteers who helped shape this research. Extra thanks to Floree Zama-Neagra and Becky Lyon (aka Ground Provisions) & Hayleigh Simpkins for all of their curiosity, hard work and deep knowledge of land work in a complex city like London. This project was generously supported by the 'Built to Be Bold' Timberland Fund & King Baudouin Foundation.

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